misterwolfie (misterwolfie) wrote in gaiateam,

Fans, Bulbs and Flames

So we've been out and about today in order to pick up the 200th Issue of Comics International (congrats, Dez and the gang) and some other sundry items; a new, quiet case fan for the PC; some batteries for my Psion; and some light bulbs from B&Q. On our return leg, we pulled up to some traffic lights next to an especially horrid green coloured Fiat Punto, affixed to the side of which were sports car manufacturer's decals and some nasty stick-on flames. I wonder if putting flames on the side of your car isn't somehow tempting fate. As I have had one car which did catch fire and another which literally exploded while I was driving it (this was the same one that one of the wheels fell off while trundling around Ellesmere Port too) I can't envision a time that I'd be happy to see flames sprouting from my wheel arches, nevermind encouraging it.
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