misterwolfie (misterwolfie) wrote in gaiateam,

NTHell do it again...

Out of the blue my Cable TV provider has decided to re-arrange all the TV channels. I switched on my box to find it set to channel 400, I pressed "1" on my remote to take me to BBC1 but nothing happens. It looks like all the channels between 1-99 have gone overnight. Did NTL send me, their customer, any notification of this change. Did they hell.

After playing with it for a few minutes I find BBC1 on channel "101" ~ and even though I watched Liverpool vs Galatasary last night, I still have no idea what channel Sky Sports is on. I manage to find some note on one of the NTLchannels that says they've changed all the channel numbers and sequences for "my convenience"!

I can find nothing convenient about changing channel "1" to channel "101". Previously, to move from BBC1 to Five, I'd press "5". I now have to press three digits and it'll only work if the fucking crappy, old machine will recognise three digits in a row...


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