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That is the question...

Soaf, love her, asked me another of 'her' questions today. As you know, if you're a regular reader here, these questions are just the same type of queries I used on my mother, at bedtime, in order to stay up longer. I would ask stuff like, "Why are there cows?" in a deliberate attempt to confuse and ellicit a drawn out explanation of evolution or the meaning of life as it pertains to the bovine species. Soaf's questions, although I fear they are genuine conundrums which perplex her mind and have weighty impact upon her world, are much like those. Remember the "is HDTV sharper than real life?" to which, I might add, she still doesn't fully accept my answer and wants a second opinion, preferably from a sales clerk at the local electrical outlet no doubt. Well, here's the new one:

"Can a bird fly in a vacuum?"

I'll let that one hang there for a second, in flight, so to speak, much like the avian in question.
Y'know, this is exactly the type of thing that Mil Millington gets so much milage out of, writing about his relationship with the being from another world that is his German girlfriend, Margret. Maybe it's a difference between the sexes kind of thing, or maybe its an English/European divide, but the first thing that springs to mind, for me, is: What's a BIRD doing in a vacuum?* Quite apart from, why even bother wondering whether it can fly ~ what is it breathing?

Not to worry, for all small creatures are cared for in the mind of Sofie, before I can even voice my concerns I am told, "Suppose a bird has been put into a vacuum, by some scientists or something. With a breathing mask on..." and she looks at me as if this is perfectly reasonable "...would it be able to fly?"

Obviously, I'm at a loss to answer accurately. I mean, just where is this experiment taking place? Doesn't gravity have to be included in the equation?
Luckily, I can go back to watching the adverts and singing along while the volume is turned down (because adverts nowadays are just so much louder than the programmes, but you try and complain ~ giving specific examples, dates and times, to the correct authorities, and they'll send you an email asking for those details because they didn't read them in the first place and, really, their job's just not worth doing properly, unless someone offended a certain religious group or something...) and Soaf will make up her own mind but, no matter what the outcome, the bird survives .

*Answer: He's walking.

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