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Holy nano-mini-series!!

Well, it's about tiiiime...


From Marvel Previews: A single, grueling night of high-speed, mechanized mayhem find Tony Stark and a new, uniquely improved version of the Iron Man armor caught in the crossfire between the bleeding-edge technology of an insurgent mecha subculture and the mass hardware of an elite "cape-killing" paramilitary force. Beseiged by ballistic missile, supersonic jihadi LMDs (that's Life Model Decoys to the non-Marvelite), seductive viral avatars and cyberdrug-addled roboravers, Iron Man must push himself far beyond his technological and biological limits to survive the onslaught of ultra-tech machinery.

Can you guess who's writing it yet? Jeez, the only word missing is "nanotech". Is Adam Warren becoming a parody of himself?
At least it has covers by AW. Interior pencils by someone I've never heard of, over AW layouts. Why he can't pencil the whole damn thing and have someone like Rick Mays ink it...

Oh, and typing that little lot without correcting all the Americanisms it contained (gruelling, mechanised...et al) was like dragging my fingernails down a blackboard. I'd never make it as a comics writer or editor for Marvel or DC, because I'd be changing all the scripts to proper English.
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