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Where the KGB leads...

...other Nations secret services follow, it seems.
Here's my photographic evidence that it's not only Russia that wants to associate itself with Super Heroes.

First up, we have the Millbank entrance to Thames House, home of MI5, Britain's internal "secret police"
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Hmmm, they probably don't like being referred to as a secret police, but having watched Spooks, that's what they seem to be! I guess they went for a tangled web look for their motif...

Here we have the seal on the floor of America's CIA HQ. Obviously, they're going with the "Truth, Freedom and Justice" epithet ~ irrespective of how insidious they really are (perhaps something more appropriate would have been the Imperial Iconography of the Star Wars movies).
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And finally, the geek-de-resitance (see if you can spot it). This is the home of James Bond, 007 ~ probably the bestest Secret Service in the world, MI6 and it's headquarters at Vauxhall Cross...
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An appropriate venue for the guardians of the universe, no?
The only thing Bond needed was a power ring and it seems that's been sorted...

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