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Zombie this, zombie that...

Bored of zombies yet?

Soaf is a big zombie fan, so naturally we had to go and see 28 Weeks Later at the cinema. I wasn't a huge fan of the first one, since the whole thing descended into the writer/director's diatribe about yob culture in the British Army (or the Territorials, at least). Not to mention that the protagonist was a total moron. I mean, you wake up from an accident, in hospital, and the entire city seems to have emptied while you were unconscious. Would you go out into the streets, shouting your head off, "Helloooo? Helloooo?" ~ mind you, he was only a bicycle messenger. I suppose I can forgive the character for not being Einstein.
Anyway, the sequel is upon us and apart from the redeeming factor of Robert Carlyle, it's a complete waste of space. Way too much of that shakey camera work which masks a total lack of fight choreography. And did I mention it's got kids in it? It might as well be a Disney movie. Every five minutes I was wondering, "are they dead yet?" Although this was usually, quickly, followed by "Gawd, she's hot" (Imogen Poots*).

Then there's the jump-on-the-bandwagon comicbooks. There's only one I've been impressed with; The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore (formerly) and Charlie Adlard (latterly) and I just finished reading Vol.6 (This Sorrowful Life) of the collected series ~ and it was Preacher-like in its awesomeness. The other books have been pretty good, but this one is so damned good it deserves an award; hell, it deserves to be on your bookshelf too!

*Bet she had an interesting time in Secondary School.
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