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The Fantastic Poor

Yeah, yeah. We know Galactus is a giant space-cloud. Yeah, we know it sucks.
But what about the rest of the fillum?

Well, that pretty much sucked too. Ioan Gruffudd improved as Reed Richards, as did Chris Evans as Johnny Storm (The Human Torch ~ don't know why I wrote that, surely all of us here know that?) but Ben Grimm still doesn't look like Kirby drew him, and I've seen Jessica Alba looking better. The plot, such as it was, was very poor. So little action, even the Fantasti-car sequence was over before it had begun, and I was left with an "is that it?" feeling ~ as opposed to the "oh, great! there's more..." feeling that comes with The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Why even bother with Alica Masters if she's not going to play the part she did in the Surfer storyline?

And, as for the "cloud", we all know what fandom thinks of that. "But you can't have a giant man in a purple suit," said the producers, "it'd look silly."
Not as pathetic as a big swirly cloud ~ oh, and if Norrin Radd averted the destruction of his world thru negotiation (and sacrifice, becoming the herald of Galactus) just how exactly did he hold a conversation with the giant space-cloud?
He certainly didn't open a dialogue with Galactus to save Earth...

Finally, if you'd wanted to include Kirby's design for Galactus, then why couldn't that have been his space-vessel ~ a giant space ship. No need to show Galactus' true form, but he could have projected a face upon the outside of the ship in order to communicate (with the Surfer or anyone else ~ I assume Galactus would adopt a likeness to the people he was talking to). Then we could have had the proper story where the Surfer is imprisoned on Earth (ready for the spin-off).

Also we needed a punch-up with The Thing, and even a guest apprearance by Spider-Man, a soliloquy from Laurence Fishburne (The Surfer) ~ what? he must have spent all of five minutes recording his lines for this movie...

Yeah, a measly 4/10 from this moviegoer.
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