misterwolfie (misterwolfie) wrote in gaiateam,

We've moved...

We finally moved ISP this week, which means that my old email addresses don't work and the web site is closed.

I'll be dropping a note to everyone who needs my new email address, once I figured it out myself ~ who knew there were so many mr.wolfies in the world that they all need gmail addresses :P
Oh, that is: everyone I remember!! So if you don't get one, that's not my fault. Oh no, wait; yes, it will be my fault. Or the faulty memory that I have installed.

As for the Adam Warren Shrine thing, well, he's got his own DeviantArt pages now ~ they're a much better source of news than anything I could come up with, and maybe it's time to finally finish my ComicArtFans gallery...

And, maybe I'll update here more often.

Didn't believe that one...?

I don't blame you ;)
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