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Divided by a common language

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usFinally, we installed "The Sims 2" on Sofie's PC today ~ cos she loved the first Sims game (personally, I'd rather have my hands chopped off, splintery cocktail sticks poked in my eyes and a red hot poker shoved up my you-know-where, than play a game where the characters do their best to fuck themselves up no matter what you do. Seems to me there's far too many people like that in real life than to be creating more of the little bastards on your PC ~ but that's probably just me, eh?).

After playing with it all afternoon ~ while I spent ALL that time trying to get PDFCreator to format my MS Word document in 5x8 instead of 8x11 (every fucking time!!!) and I still have no idea why it won't print out in 5x8 ~ Sofie proudly comes in to tell me, with her adorable Swedish mangle of the alphabet:

"I've just built a cigarette, for my Sims to live in."

Now, I'm not proficient with the game, as I probably made clear earlier, but forgive me for wondering just what she'd been inhaling that she'd decided a *cigarette* would be an appropriate dwelling for anyone, pixellated or not.

"What?" I asked, with a heady mix of astonishment and dumbfoundedness.

"I've built a cigarette. For the Sims to live in." She re-iterated, for some reason stressing the word "live" like that would somehow help me comprehend the obvious benefits of tobacco based housing.

"What? A cigarette?" Still confused.

"Yes," she replied (and I'm going to go all phonetic here) "a sig-ur-het."

"Oh," I said, as it dawned, "I'm so blogging that!"
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