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Solving the World's problems, one at a time...

If you don't play, or aren't interested in the MMORPG [Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game] EverQuest 2, then this probably won't interest you, but I just posted on the forums (scroll down to the bottom) some ideas for Guild Houses. Now, this is a big deal (believe it or not ). The inital promotion of EQ2, some two years ago, promised guild houses where guilds (natch) would be able to congregate, have meetings and generally feel at home. A place to display their wares and their trophies.

So far, there's no such thing.

Here's something I'd like to see:

Any guild should be able to initially purchase a guild house, quite cheaply, which would be huge houses in ALL major city zones, so guilds can choose where they want to be based ~ they can even be in neutral cities too. As the guild levels up they would unlock more features (which would have associated status costs, like the rent status of large houses/inn rooms).

For example, the guild leader could create, name and place individual NPCs to fulfil certain roles (Bankers, Brokers, TS book sellers/fuel vendors, TS writ givers, Menders, Status relic purchasors, maybe even a Fence!)

The guild bank could be further expandable by allowing crafted boxes to be stored in each of the four tabs (one tab at a time, again unlocked by guild level).

Access levels could be set by the leader allowing non-guildies to come in and admire the guild's work.

Guild members could use their status points to purchase the Crafting Stations, so all the guild's crafters could congregate.

And the costs:
Each of these special items needs to be unlocked by the guild's level, then they become available to the guild leader to create and place in the guild house. At that point they also require status rent (which would vary depending on how many unique accounts the guild has as members, to the normal minimum of 6).
Which would mean the more members a guild has (in unique accounts, remember) the more status items they'd need to have in the guild house to allow the retention of the services they'd unlocked, thereby getting a majority of the guild members to contribute to the upkeep of the guild house and it's "perks". Small guilds would pay less status than large guilds, but large guild should have more resources to call upon. Hopefully, nothing gets priced out of reach for any guild but every item still requires some work and dedication.

Now that's what I'd call a "Game Update".

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